Day Tours

Athens Airport minivan Transfer to Delphi

On our way from Athens to Delphi we will find many sites of archaeological interest. Besides, one could say that Greece itself is a huge archaeological “park”. On our way, we will see the areas of Viotia and Thebes, the birthplace of King Oedipus.

Then, when we reach Mount Parnassos, we will visit the traditional city of Leivadia, where we will make a rest stop. With energy renewed, we will head directly for our main destination, Delphi.

On our way to the “navel of the Earth”, as Delphi was believed to be in ancient times, we will find the Castalian Spring, the monument of the Kings of Argos, the Athenian Treasury, the Temple of Poseidon and the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia, the Holy Way (Iera Odos), the ancient stadium and the ancient theatre of Delphi.

Our visit to the museum of Delphi will be another unique experience as there we will have the chance to see unique ancient artifacts, such as the Sphinx of Naxos, the Silver Bull and the Charioteer.

Leaving the archaeological site of Delphi behind, we will finish our trip with a visit to the beautiful town of Arachova, which is built on the southern slopes of Mount Parnassos. We can taste and buy renowned local products such as cheese and wine and wonderful hand-woven fabrics.

Let us know the destinations of your preference, and we can customize the Delphi Tour just for you.