Cape Sounio


Cape Sounion: is the southernmost point of Attica to the east, about 50 kilometers from Athens. Cape Sounion played an important strategic role in ancient Greece, due to its unique location where ancient Greeks controlled the sea passage to the Aegean Sea and Piraeus.

The temple of Poseidon at the end of cape Sounion is considered as one of the most prominent monuments of the Golden Age of Athens, offering stunning views to its visitors. Perched on the craggy rocks of Cape Sounion, the temple is enveloped in myth and historic facts dated from antiquity until the present times.

While visiting Cape Sounion, we suggest that you take a refreshing break at the beaches surrounding the temple or enjoy seafood and traditional Greek cuisine at the traditional restaurants located at the foot of the hill below the temple.

Beginning our trip to Sounio along the coastal Poseidonos Highway, we will find wonderful golden beaches such as those at Glyfada and Voula.

Our first stop, though, will be at the impressive Vouliagmeni lake. It is a slightly salty lake with thermal properties, as its temperature ranges from 22 to 29 degrees Celsius. It is situated at a site of incredible natural beauty, where the water rises half a meter above sea level.

We will make another short stop at Laimos Vouliagmeni, with its lovely beach, and then off we go to our final destination, Sounio.

After we arrive at Cape Sounio, we will visit the awe-inspiring Temple of Poseidon. The temple is situated on a panoramic spot, with a magnificent view, and has one of the most famous sunsets in Greece. A little further down, we will see the Temple of Athena, which is smaller in size.

After finishing our tour, we can have lunch in one of the area’s lovely taverns.

Let us know the destinations of your preference, and we can customize the Sounio Tour just for you.

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