The castle of Mystras, located near the city of Sparta on the hills of mount Taygetus, is one of Greece’s most important and well-preserved sites. At the foot of the hill, you will be able to explore the modern village of Mystras, while on the top of the hill you will find the famous Mystras castle built in the Byzantine era.
Also known as “the wonder of Morea”, Mystras constitutes a unique example of a Byzantine city and a monumental late-Byzantine complex with distinct and well-preserved elements such as land planning, street planning, and ecclesiastical architecture.
This monument offers unique sites for exploration like the Castle with its strongly fortified walls, the cathedral of St. Dimitrios, the palace of the Mystras Despots, and various other churches and monasteries some of which are still operational.
The archeological site of Mystras is listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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