Delphi Tour , Peloponnese

Ancient Greeks believed that Delphi was the Navel of the Earth, a place seen as a spiritual focal point for all Greeks; it included many sanctuaries and the most prestigious oracle in all of ancient Greece. This is where Pythia, the high priestess, uttered the divine advice of god Apollo to mortals who travelled from across the world to seek a prophecy.

Delphi is dedicated to the god Apollo and is located just 2 hours from Athens at the foot of Mount Parnassos. In the ancient site of Delphi, you can explore and learn about the Temple of Apollo, the Theater and Stadium of Delphi, and of course the archaeological museum. After that, you can visit and walk around the traditional village of Chrissó or visit the scenic village of Aráchova and have lunch at one of the many traditional restaurants in the area.

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