Extra services


Tour Guide services

If you want to learn more about Greek History and combine a tour with the perfect guiding experience, book your vehicle and let us know in the comments. We will create the perfect plan that […]

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Rent a boat

If you have a free day in Athens and search for the best option to spend your time, we have the best solution for you; a short daily cruise around the islands of Kea, Egina, […]

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Book a transfer with helicopter

In Athens Six Star Tours we know that time matters. We can help you organize private flights around Greece with one of our experienced and reliable private aviation partners.Send us your itinerary at info@athenssixstartours.com and […]

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Book a villa

Our top priority is to offer you an unforgettable experience throughout your whole stay in Greece. Forget about last minute searches for the proper villa. Let us know about your preferences and we will find […]

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