Adventurous Vacation.

  • Starting the day in Athens we recommend visiting the National Museum of Contemporary Art. Located at the former FIX brewery, one of its founding goals is to promote innovative and experimental artistic movements and the production of audiovisual works via new media. Later you can live the experience of skydiving above Athens at Skydive Athens or if you prefer something at the sea, we suggest Scuba Diving. If you don’t feel too adventurous you can hike at Lycabettus Hill. Cooling off for the night we suggest your dinner at Orizontes restaurant in Lycabettus Hill.
  • If you are into adrenaline rush sports, you will need to have the right energy for that. So, starting your morning we suggest breakfast at Bitebox. Then you can do bungee jumping at Isthmos bridge or live the Offroad experience with 4×4 cars. After that exhausting day, you can literally have dinner in the sky. As the table slowly rotates you get views ranging from the sculpturally lit Acropolis, the surrounding mountains, the sea, and of course the Athenian cityscape.

Feel free to reach out to us for your own personalised tour.

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