Athens by Night .

  • Athens by night is great. The combination of ancient and historical monuments, the Mediterranean climate, unlimited clubs, bars, and restaurants, make Athens the ultimate destination for anyone appreciating the good nightlife. For dinner, we suggest you IT restaurant in Kolonaki and drinks at Malconis bar. If you want to live the club experience you can go to Gazi. It has something for everyone there.
  • If you are a movie lover, enjoying a film at an open-air cinema will give you a whole new perspective on movie-watching. With hundreds of options to choose from, open-air cinemas in Athens are the perfect opportunity to combine watching a movie with appreciating a scenic urban landscape. After that, you can enjoy your drink in the Koukaki area, one of the coolest neighborhoods of Athens. Don’t forget to try the street food – or how it’s called in Greece, vromiko- in Mavilly Square.
  • The bouzoukia—flashy nightclubs where Greek popular music is performed live—are an essential part of Athenian nightlife. Plate smashing is off the table these days, but dancing on them (and carnation throwing) is still going strong. An experience you can’t have anywhere else.

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